Gamers Wanted! Your Skills Are Valuable at Work

Gamers Wanted Your Skills Are Valuable At Work

The negativity associated with many gamers has held the spotlight for way too long; it’s time we flip the script and share some positivity. If you love games, you’ll love this. New evidence shows that gamers could have certain advantages that directly impact (and improve) their workplace performance. Who could’ve guessed all those seemingly wasted hours were actually training people to be better employees?

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People who play action-based video games may have improved spatial attention, executive reasoning and cognitive flexibility, making them valuable in fast-paced work environments. Laparoscopic surgeons who play video games tend to perform better in surgery, and people who play games that require characters to “level up” also tend to seek out challenge and growth in the workforce. We talk about what makes these traits so desirable and why your gaming addiction just might make you more competitive in this post.

Gamers Wanted! See How Your Skills Are Valuable at Work Right Now.

Specialized Benefits

Research shows that action gamers have improved spatial attention in both central and peripheral vision, meaning they are able to perceive and react to more  visual stimuli than non-gamers. Many also show increases in executive reasoning when toggling multiple tasks, as well as an enhanced capacity to pick up new skills. People who play games that require them to process a lot of information at once often exhibit better cognitive flexibility, reacting faster to new or unexpected data. These skills can make gamers invaluable in past-paced environments.

Gamers may also make the best laparoscopic surgeons, doctors who operate using specialized instruments to perform minimally invasive procedures. Studies have shown laparoscopic surgeons who play at least three hours of video games each week average 32 percent fewer errors, but also manage to work about 24 percent faster. The best players have about 47 percent fewer errors, while working 39 percent faster.

Mental Benefits

Gaming may affect more than just coordination and organizational skills. According to Matt Frassica, the HR director for app developer Discord, gamers can become mentally conditioned by certain aspects of gameplay. Take, for example, the “level-up” structure used in most action and adventure games, which requires players to grow and progress their characters in order to move forward. Action gamers tend to crave similar forward movement in the workforce, which means they learn quickly, enjoy being challenged and are eager to advance.

Go ahead and play another round of Fortnite – and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. You could be picking up skills you’re not even aware of…and just might even be making yourself more valuable at work.

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