Pets as a Career Option? Sign Me Up!

Pets as a Career Option? Sign Me Up!

Have a devotion for animals? For true pet lovers, the thought of working with or alongside a furry friend is the ultimate dream job. Spending all day with animals can be fulfilling.

Some animals need special training to help others and make an impact on society. That’s where you come in. Whether it’s training, healing or matching them up with their favorite homes, find out if a pet career is for you!

Seeing-Eye Dog Trainer

Dogs provide more than just companionship for those with special needs, like blindness. They become a dependable support system for someone needing assistance. To embark on a career as a seeing-eye dog trainer, start with a solid college education, with a focus on animal science or behavior.

Extensive training at a regulated facility to help raise and train dogs is the next step. With a median income of around $33,600, this is a good job for someone who is physically fit, can handle all weather conditions and wants to see the impact their training has on both the pet and new owner.

Animal Control Officer

Animal control officers do more than just write tickets and keep stray cats off the streets. They act as enforcement officers to seek justice against people who neglect or harm pets and wildlife. There are several duties involved within a workday, including:

  • Caring for and ensuring the well-being of wild and domestic animals.
  • Investigating and containing dangerous animals.
  • Speaking with pet owners and others about care and living situations.
  • Appearing in court to testify against abusive or negligent pet owners.
  • Transporting pets and wildlife to shelters and hospitals.

This job is a good choice for people who like a hands-on approach to interacting with animals. The average annual pay for this position is about $34,000.

Animal Obedience

Pet owners can struggle around the clock with dogs and cats that exhibit bad or out-of-control behavior. Most pets can easily be reined in, but some need special training. This is where a dog obedience trainer comes in.

They use their expertise in animal science, nutrition, environment and individual traits to develop strategies to train unruly animals and break bad habits. A degree with a focus in animal behavior is recommended. Animal obedience trainers can expect to bring in on average around $33,600.

Pet Adoption Specialist

Around 6.5 million pets enter shelters each year, according to the ASPCA. Those who provide the intake of these pets work at finding them permanent homes. This is where a pet adoption specialist comes in.

They interview potential pet owners, run background checks and make sure the pet is a good fit for their new family. Knowing about pet breeds, disease and generalized care are helpful traits to make this career successful. The average salary ranges around $22,000.

Working with pets is rewarding. Some jobs expect a college degree, while others just need some experience working with animals. Find out if any of these jobs are something to pursue. That dream job awaits!

~Here’s to Your Success!