Should College Be Free?

Should College Be Free?

( – Is it time for a serious change in your life? Going to college could enhance your skills and help you move forward in your career. One huge consideration, however, is cost. Should college be free, or should everyone pay their fair share? Let’s discuss some pros and cons.

Lower-Income Students Get a Shot

College students can carry a seriously heavy debt load. According to, the average student owes around $32,731. This means many low-income college student hopefuls may not be able to afford to go away to a large university. Free college would be a viable alternative to bringing dreams to fruition.

The Money Has to Come From Somewhere

With free tuition, it all sounds perfect, but nothing in life is truly free. The money has to come from somewhere. Whether it’s privately sourced, government backed or the school is simply offering free tuition on its own, someone has to pay.

This may be done through tax increases, donations, grants or fundraisers. While this is a good incentive for the student and their career planning, it can raise the cost of tuition and cost of living elsewhere.

There Is No Burden of Debt

Having your college tuition paid for is like winning the lottery! This lessens the load financially and helps keep your credit score in check. This means when you graduate and start working at your dream job, you’re not carrying a high balance on your revolving loan accounts. Relieving this burden can help you get established with items like a new home or car.

Private Colleges Would Be Defunded

If some colleges decided to offer 100% free tuition, the others that decided to continue charging tuition could be defunded. These schools would likely have to charge competitive tuition rates to compete with free universities.

This could drive up costs across the board. It could even make funds donated by state and government agencies decrease or stop altogether due a reduced need for tuition assistance through programs like Pell grants.

College affects the future of not only the students, but their families and society as a whole. So what’s your next step? Are you still thinking about going to a college that charges tuition, or are you looking for a free option? Either way, you’re well on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding future.

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