The Hottest Healthcare Careers in 2019

The Hottest Healthcare Careers in 2019

Looking for a career in healthcare? You’re not alone. Employment in this occupational group is expected to rise 14% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it’s already in high demand. Everyone needs quality medical care, and there are even more job positions in 2019 to meet that role. Here are some of the hottest healthcare careers for you to explore this year and beyond.

Physician’s Assistant

If you’ve noticed when you go to the doctor, you’re sometimes seen by a physician’s assistant, or PA, instead. They can provide almost all the clinical services that a doctor can. PAs can treat illnesses, prescribe medications and perform physical exams. Because of an increase in medical services, a career as a PA is in high demand. You’ll need to be certified and licensed in your state, but the average salary is around $94,000.

Occupational Therapist

A hot career in the health field is occupational therapy. Your main role here will be to help individuals reach their personal and occupational goals. It could be providing support to a child struggling with cognitive problems or helping a stroke victim regain certain skills. It involves evaluating someone’s home, school and work environment to suggest changes that can accommodate their road to recovery or adjustment. With a master’s degree, you can expect to make around $84,000 a year.

Nurse Midwife

More moms are looking for natural ways to deliver their babies in a safe environment. If you love newborns and helping others, you could make a great nurse midwife. Working in hospitals, clinics and private practices, you can expect to gain competitive wages and bonuses. Most nurse midwives make around $93,600 or more. Babies are always being born, and many moms want to be more in touch with the natural aspects of birth, so there will always be a need for practitioners in this field.

Speech-Language Pathologist

With a median salary of around $76,600 annually, speech and language pathology is a good career to look into. As a professional in this field, you’ll learn how to assess and treat different issues related to speech, sound and swallowing disorders. This includes individuals with:

  • Hearing problems
  • Developmental delays
  • Stroke
  • Closed-head brain injuries
  • Physical disabilities

Your day-to-day means working closely with patients and families in a hospital, school or private setting, creating treatment plans and working on goals.


A super-hot career in healthcare is a pharmacist. There is an ever-growing demand for individuals who have knowledge and expertise with medications. This position requires a Pharm.D. degree, but it’s worth the time and money spent. Pharmacists average around $134,300 a year.

All medical jobs require some form of secondary education. Devoting your time to specialized study in 2019 is vital for job success. No matter what your interest or skill set is, there are hundreds of job types in the medical setting to choose from. With high projected growth and plenty of current demand, these fields are all worth looking into.

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